Rental Property Maintenance

Rental Maintenance

For home repair Monroe NC, contact DAP Contracting to provide all construction and upgrade needs for rental properties. Also we assist with maintenance of your rental properties. Furthermore, we offer complete rental maintenance for residential and commercial properties.

A renter typically doesn’t have the same investment in a residential property as the owner, so they often won’t treat it as well. Stains, worn out areas, and other signs of damage are commonly seen after renters move out, but the cost for repairs after every tenant’s lease is up is simply unrealistic. You wouldn’t be able to make much income if you were spending that kind of money on upkeep. We can help you. Call DAP Contracting today.

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First of all, for rental property maintenance, we provide everything from routine services on HVAC systems to complete transition check lists and home repair Monroe NC. So call us for all home repair projects including bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodels, interior/exterior painting, general carpentry and wood rot repair. Also, we work with  concrete, concrete crack repair, mortar repair, decks, porches, and patios, and debris removal. Even more, call us for drywall, base, chair, and crown molding, carpet, hardwood, laminate, and vinyl floors. Finally, we provide and pressure washing.

In order to keep your properties well-maintained and your tenants happy, it may be time to hire a full time or part time maintenance man for hire. If you don’t have the knowledge or the aptitude for maintenance tasks, it’s an especially good idea. From a burst pipe to patching drywall and everything in between, a reliable maintenance worker can be a valuable asset to a landlord.


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